Business Planning

If you are establishing a new business, launching a new product, then you have to define and manage objectives related to Target Customers, sales, margins or new product launches. If you miss to refine your assumptions in areas like potential markets, sales, cost of sales, sales drivers, lead processing and business processes, If you want to set a sustainable foundation to growth management and financial health, If you want to define success in terms of objectives then the business plan is the ideal solution to help you achieve what you miss and fill in the gaps.

The Business plan is a great tool for translating preliminary concepts to reality in a documented form.

There is no business that could be implemented professionally and successfully without good planning and study. Having a strong business plan gives you a way to be proactive, not reactive. With us you do not wait for things to happen, we plan together and then follow up on your organization by tracking results and making course corrections. Business plans do not predict the future but it sets expectations and establishes assumptions to manage the future and its uncertainties.

At Kelma we provide comprehensive business plans by professional consultants that refine business models, identify the most profitable target customers, fine-tune the marketing plan, and improve the sales projections. We work collaboratively with you and our industry experts to create a plan you can execute. Through a strategic planning process, we understand your goals and vision and then produce a polished and professional Business Plan. Although most clients hire us to develop their business plan , they usually find that the process they go through in the plan development phase is more valuable than the document itself.

We develop your entire business plan, from "elevator pitch" to "exit strategy." so your final business plan makes a statement that exudes confidence and attracts investors. Your business will be proactive not reactive.