Feasibility Studies

It is not a must that when the company can operate and manage a project, that it should pursue it. It might drain its resources and limit the organization’s ability to pursue other projects that would have higher returns. Projects feasibility studies highlights the risk/reward benefit, opportunity costs and overall return.

A business feasibility study is exactly what it sounds like: a systematic study that help you understand whether or not a specific project, venture, or approach is feasible for you and your organization. The ultimate outcome of any feasibility study is a Go or No-Go decision. You either move forward with it or you don't.

At Kelma our goal is to help business owners, managers and entrepreneurs better understand what aspects of the project are of great strategic importance to its success.
Our experts will review the project idea, determine the key elements for success, present critical project risks, and evaluate overall feasibility. Though no venture can be proven truly “feasible” until it operates and, we strive to provide feasibility studies with a comprehensive assessment of the projects' chances to survive in real-life operating situations.

We work in a collaborative manner with our clients to assure that the study best reflects their proposed business operations. Our feasibility studies have helped clients make critical decisions about their business ideas, and they have successfully used our feasibility studies to secure investor funding and obtain bank financing.