Mystery Shopper

Mystery shoppers help organizations improve in areas such as sales, product selection and customer service. Kelma was consulted by many clients to use its practiced professional experience in the Mystery shopper service and help verify that the employees are working according to their SOPs with no deviations. Looking from the customer’s experience point of view, we are able to identify weak points in the system.

Kelma Mystery Shopper Service goals could be summarized in the below points:
• Clear insights about the competitors' participating in exhibitions
• Identify deviations in our clients’ employees’ presentations.
• Detect weaknesses in the clients’ sales process and its effect on the customers
• Measure the impact of changes in products, systems, employees’ approach, working time, advertising, etc. on sales

After conducting the mystery shopping visit, we provide a detailed report with quantitative and qualitative analysis that is then used to derive a lot of useful information for our client’s operations and overall system effectiveness.