Successful organizations invest in personal development. A learning organization increases its team loyalty and professionalism. When an organization plans to engage its team in corporate training, it aims at aligning its mission, vision, values and strategic plans to those of its employees to increase the performance.

Kelma has an excellent reputation in delivering corporate trainings for more than 10 years. Kelma designs, develops, and delivers professional workshops, courses, and programs that help individuals to advance in their career, develop the needed competencies and their organizations to achieve their business goals.

Specific or tailored training programs to your needs, Kelma will help you determine the training solutions that are most fitting to you.

1-Experienced Instructors: Our instructors bring real world experience, expertise, and insights into the classroom.
2-Convenience and Flexibility: Everything from content delivery format, location and timings can be customized to fit your exact needs.
3-End to end services: Our dedicated corporate accounts team handles all the logistics to ensure your satisfaction.
4-High Value versus cost: Our programs have resulted in proven ROI for our clients.

As we believe in self-development Kelma provides Tailored made courses according to exact need, interest and requirement for each specific case.

Real education requires much more time, space, and skills than that allocated in the classroom. We should create a new medium for teenagers to have a bigger picture.

The Activities Program is all about giving students the opportunity to learn and grow through 'taking action' in ways that enable them to develop into the best, most interesting and capable versions of themselves.

Kelma Young students’ program is one of the most inspiring programs provided through our training toolkit. It was developed by a board of United Nations and Save the Children organization consultants.

Through Kelma Young Students' programs, students can gain the skills of leadership, communication, problem solving, group development and presentation, public speaking and much more activities that help them discover their true selves, go for their passion and be unique among their peers.

We do this by setting interactive workshops with experienced trainers and staff who are ready to get them involved and nurture their talents that make them who they are, and direct them to where they want to go. We provide consultation, resources, and a safe environment for open and inclusive conversation. Most importantly, it is our responsibility to provide learning beyond the classroom and encourage growth with activism, advocacy, leadership, team-building, and community awareness.