Vision, Mission and Values


We aspire to be the destination of corporates, investors, and entrepreneurs when there is a need for gearing up to tackle the challenging business complications throughbusiness formation and transformation.


Provide cross functional business interventions to start-ups and well-established firms regionally and internationally. All what we provide is portrayed accordingly to close understanding to each and every client’s business identity to base a robust Know-how and Do-how.

Core Values

• Inspired by client value
We are devoted to create perceptible and sustained value for our clients. Our clients success is our pride; we build a long lasting relationship with them, responding and anticipating their needs.

• Achieving success through shared endeavors
We work synergistically in diverse teams, shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients. We become a valuable extension of our client’s team, and achieve more together than we could alone.

• Partnership
We foster long term innovative partnerships with our clients. Supporting and growing these relationships day to day is the key to our success. Our client’s success and prosperity are ours.

• Understanding
Every client has a unique DNA; we listen, ask, understand, detect, analyze, evaluate and test the best practices for our clients to provide the most fitting solution.

• Solution Fit
We believe in fitting; not designing. At Kelma, the best reward is our clients’ response after helping them to overcome their business complications.