Without the right Human Resources, the organization will not be able to achieve its desired goals. Kelma recruitment process involves sourcing, interviewing as well as matching candidates with clients in terms of work culture, position requirements and eventually selecting the suitable caliber.

Both the client and the candidate are vital to Kelma Recruitment, thus a relationship of mutual respect, trust and understanding always exists. Kelma Recruitment provides a high level of customer service and appropriate skilled candidates for employers and rewarding experience for job searchers.

Kelma performs the recruitment and selection process for organizations that don't have time, expertise, or the necessary resources to manage the recruitment process. Kelma's recruiters have a level of experience that exceeds some organizations human resources department. Kelma usually have a selection of unadvertised vacancies that calibers can gain access to when they register.

It’s our job to provide you with the qualified calibers that best suit your vacancies and your organization’s culture. The recruitment process is done through the following steps:
• Identifying your requirements.
• Searching for the qualified caliber in our database and other recruitment channels.
• Interviewing and assessment at Kelma’s office.
• Short listing potential calibers.
• Final interview at your firm.